Home for the Holidays

I haven’t touched clay for….almost a week. Back to the studio later today for sure. Between day job excitement and finishing holiday preparation…well, you know the drill. I took off my parent’s house early Saturday morning for a weekend of wedding festivities for a dear childhood friend, plus our own holiday traditions. On my first morning at my parent’s house, I pulled my trusty french press out of my suitcase and my special Cincinnati roasted La Terza beans and my grinder. And then I hid them again until my dad went out to the garage–it’s important not to overcaffeinate my dad at an point, but especially during the holidays. When dad was on to bigger and better things, I opened the cupboard to start the french press ritual.

It’s always a reminder to open my mom’s cupboard, both of her unconditional love of my art, and also of the work and time it took to get past making “beginner” pots.  Those medieval looking, heavy bottomed mugs with lava-like glaze drips remind me that we’re all trying really hard, doing the best we can, and of course learning! I love the tangible evidence of the pottery practice. And even knowing that the pots I’m pleased with now, I may or may not look back on in a few years (or even a few months) and love. I told my mom that one day I hope her cupboard will be filled with my best, proudest work. In a way, it is already a timeline of my progression of best work….but just like those awkward adolescent photos that make you both cringe and inspire gentleness for yourself (and everyone else’s) awkwardness, I wouldn’t mind boxing those artifacts up and revisiting them in 10 years.

I’m itching to get back to clay, but I’ve also enjoyed the oft-forgotten (at my house anyway) art of baking–apple pie specifically. Taking silly photos of Drako the Cat under the Christmas tree. Spending time playing “spirited” card games with the family. I feel lucky to have emerged from said card games with my fingers and toes mostly in tact. If you’ve never played Spoons, put it on your New Years resolution list. And consider playing with plastic spoons instead of metal for the sake of your extremities.

So today, I’ll be thinking of my “Wild Things” entries due in early January. Nothing like some pressure to get the creativity flowing. I’m hoping to take a bike ride. Yes I know it’s under 30 degrees. And I’ll  be biting the bullet and mixing glazes this week too. In the meantime, I’ve been making my resolution list. It involves more yoga, some clay-focused goals, and learning to make cheese and sushi, respectively, and maybe making a model of the house I want to build in the not-so-distant someday.  Off to the studio now, before the day gets away, to create some space for a brand new year in clay.

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