Clay is Heavy but We Carry On

Clay comes in 50lb boxes—unless you dig it up and process it yourself, which I don’t. Truly, someone digs it up somewhere, probably not that far from here in the scheme of things, but it’s not me. 50lbs, however, is a weight bracket I’m familiar with from childhood—a bag of corn or livestock feed is … Continue reading

Home for the Holidays

I haven’t touched clay for….almost a week. Back to the studio later today for sure. Between day job excitement and finishing holiday preparation…well, you know the drill. I took off my parent’s house early Saturday morning for a weekend of wedding festivities for a dear childhood friend, plus our own holiday traditions. On my first … Continue reading

Opening the Kiln is like Opening a Present…Except When it’s Not.

This week I filled a Cone 6 kiln with mugs and bowls and a few odds and ends for local retailers who carry my work. Cone 6 means that at final temperature, the kiln is at around 2200 degrees. It’s pretty amazing, all things considered. This giant pod toaster brings dirt and minerals, essentially, all … Continue reading

The Magical Holiday Spirit

It’s still a tad dark outside my window and Orange Cat has taken up residence directly across my typing wrists. The studio kitchen is full of good ideas this morning, and my to-do list is, well, full.  I hope I can get to the stove  to  make coffee. French Press or bust. What a vibrant … Continue reading